Isota Ropes

We take pride in ensuring reliable and efficient supply chains to meet the specific needs of our valued customers across various sectors Our rope operations revolve around our six electric arc furnace (EAF) rope mills and numerous value-added coating operations, enabling us to handle roughly 13 million tons of rope shipping. We take pride in offering one of the most diversified portfolios of value-added products within the domestic rope industry.
Furthermore, we operate under a circular manufacturing model, which prioritizes the production of high-quality, lower-carbon-emission rope using EAF technology, where recycled ferrous scrap serves as the primary input. This approach establishes Fabrik as an EAF ropemaking and circular manufacturing industry leader. The tireless efforts of our innovative teams in implementing climate change initiatives will further elevate our standards for sustainable rope production in the future.


Applications Range

  1. Construction: Sisal rope is commonly used in construction for tasks such as lifting, securing loads, and as a general-purpose utility rope.

  2. Marine and Boating: Known for its strength and resistance to saltwater, sisal rope is ideal for various marine applications, including mooring lines and general boat maintenance.

  3. Agriculture: Sisal is used in agriculture for tasks such as bundling crops, tying plants, and creating support structures for climbing plants.

  4. Craft and DIY Projects: The versatility of sisal rope makes it a popular choice for craft and DIY projects, including handmade home decor, macramé, and knotting.

  5. Gardening: Sisal is utilized in gardening for staking plants, creating trellises, and supporting vertical gardens due to its natural strength and durability.

  6. Packaging: The strong and coarse nature of sisal rope makes it suitable for packaging, providing a secure and environmentally friendly alternative.

  7. Pet Toys and Accessories: Sisal rope’s durability and texture make it a preferred material for pet toys, scratching posts, and various accessories.

  8. Outdoor and Recreational Activities: Sisal rope finds applications in outdoor and recreational activities, such as obstacle courses, adventure sports, and camping.

  9. Artisanal and Traditional Uses: Sisal has a long history in artisanal crafts and traditional practices, including rug making, basket weaving, and creating traditional African artifacts.

  10. Erosion Control: Due to its strength and ability to withstand environmental conditions, sisal rope is employed in erosion control measures, such as creating natural barriers and stabilization structures.


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