Rope Research & Development

Roperland Process Technology

Roperland has been involved in rope research and product development for nearly three decades. Ropeland’s Process Technology Section harnesses its profound process expertise and state-of-the-art lab facilities to aid customers in crafting optimal and environmentally responsible applications.

In addition, our specialists offer computational modeling, technical support, and failure analysis to bolster Ropeland’s research endeavors and operations across the entire business spectrum – from ironmaking to finishing processes.

Ropeland’s prominence in tubular products for the Isota and other sectors is no accident. Our legacy includes the API-standard Roperland Buttress Thread. Through our dedicated Research and Technology teams, we’ve established ourselves as an innovative ally for our tubular customers, constantly devising novel products and solutions to drive both our clients and the entire industry forward.

The Research and Technology Center collaborates closely with three other Roperland research facilities. Furthermore, the headquarters of Fabrik Tubular Products in Turkey hosts an exceptional product development team dedicated to providing continuous advancements in tubular innovations for the industry.

Forging the sustainable future of rope